For cameras only

Technical support from my side is provided for this product

You can view the password from the camera without even resetting its settings
List of requirements

  • The firmware version on the camera must be 5.4.4 or lower. Use SADP Tool to check
  • Your PC or laptop must be on the same local network as the camera

An example of how it works

For cameras and NVR/DVR/IPC

Technical support from my side is provided for this product

Password reset is only possible from Monday to Friday, (UTC+2), 9:00 – 17:00. Saturday and Sunday service unavailable

You can reset your Hikvision password regardless of the place of purchase or country. No sticker photo needed.
To reset the password on the Hikvision device (NVR / DVR / IP camera), you need to export the XML file, click on the manual below.



Pay for the password reset service in the way convenient for you at the links below

After payment you will receive a form to send an XML file

Generating a reset file is not done automatically, because you will receive a response e-mail a few hours later.
I will send you an XML file by email to unlock the Hikvision device

1. Please do NOT turn off your DVR and the SADP software after you exported the files. Otherwise, the exported file will be invalid immediately.
2. Please use the key file from us as soon as possible because it’s only valid for 24 hours.

Then follow the instructions below to import the XML file


No technical support is provided on my part for this product

You can reset your password an infinite number of times with this tool

First you need to download SADP tool and export the xml file for that device which you want to reset the admin password.
Make sure before start Hikvision XML File Generator you have a working internet connection in your computer. Now fillup all the field all are require to generate xml file.
after 2-3 hours you will get encrpted XML file in to your email which you have provided in Hikvision XML File Generator Email field.
Fill correct information in all the field to get working XML Key File.

Have a nice day